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Hello all,

Can I start off by saying how sorry I am for forgetting about this place? A mixture of college, RPGing, starting Uni and life in general meant that this place (and Livejournal, really) got pushed back. I FAIL!

But never mind. I am back and would like to thank those who have posted in my absence - you rule. I would also like to ask for another moderator, because I canna do this alone - I am a very busy bee. I'm going to put up a form just below, feel free to fill it in if you're interested and post it as a comment. :)

Any Experience?
Why You Want The Position:

Thanks again!


Open SpacesCollapse )
All before I die.
To swim in all the seas,
And oceans all with ease.
Smelling salt in the breeze.
I'm here for the open spaces,
to be in these places.
To live free, on the stages.
Blasting rock for all the nations.
They need the message clear.
Not the picture in the mirror.
They never see the real world,
their perspective is so swirled.
I live for the tall grass,
that shines like golden brass.
On those dry and desperate plains.
I'll never be the same,
These lands were not to tame.
I'm here for the open spaces,
To be in these places.
To live free, on the stages.
Blasting rock for all the nations.
They need the message clear,
Not the picture in the mirror.
They never see the real world.
Just Boy meets World.
They don't live for the open spaces,
just for their empty faces.
So we need to let them know,
Materialism is not the way to go.
It doesn't last in the open spaces.
They'll wear away like old shoe laces.
So they just need to give it up.
Those things will make you corrupt.
I'm here for the open spaces.
To give life to dying faces.
To live free, survive for ages.
No more foolish rages.
Look away from your mirror.
Our rock is what you'll hear.
Now your hear for the open spaces,
There's life in empty faces.
You want to rock on our stages.
Write a story with lots of pages.
Go make the message clear.
Help them turn away from the mirror.
Going to all new places,
Living for the open spaces.
Some one help me with this cut

New song #4

My fourth song this year, I think this pretty sums up my previous friendship.

But...Huh?Collapse )

If Not Broke, Why Fix It

It's been a while. I've just lost inspiration for songs until tonight.

If Not Broke, Why Fix ItCollapse )

This is a very personal song. So, I hope everyone likes it.
Criticism is more than welcomed.


Ok i wrote a song... well kinda it's not finished yet. But please give me your HONEST opinion.

Do you remember all the good times whenever your held my hand,
at firts i pulled away and said I'm just not ready yet, but then i got used to it and we'd be sittin at all the games holdin hands for the entire time while we watched the Cougars play, So did you just forget the good times or do you not really care, cuz what i feel inside of me is not really fair. So do you not remember all the good times, when you tried to hold my hand cuz thats the part i remember most cuz I shouldn't have let you in.

o by the way my inspiration was my ex boyfriend.

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