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Song writing
This is a community where you can share your songs. But if you like lyrics, but can't write them you can be a reviewer, and hopefully you'll be able to pluck up the courage to write your own! ^-^

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Rules are:

~No trying to pass someone else's work off as your own, that's just nasty! If you are posting someone else's song, firstly ask them! Then say that it's not your own and who the song belongs to.
~No excessive swearing in songs. If it fits and is in context, yeah go for it. But swearing for the sake of it will result in me deleting the post. You can sensor it if there is lots, that's allowed.
~No burning someone's work. If you think it needs work, say so nicely. Constructive critism is a way of improving, but burning just knocks self esteem. Nastyness will not be tolerated and you will either be asked to leave or stop being mean!

When posting lyrics

Say your heys or whatever, and post the song under a cut. Keeps things tidy, and you can call the cut your song name! :)

Tags are:

lyrics - Obviously for when you post a song
superbean - Means I am making a mod post
discussion - Will be for song discussion, because I thought we may as well discuss other artists songs, as well as our own.
contest - This will siginify the start of a contest and/or a reply to a contest. Check the archives for full info on contests.

All this info can be found HERE, and contest info is HERE.

All userpics are lryics from songs, apart from the Song Writers one, obviously!

Play nice peeps! ^-^

When pimping please use:
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And if anyone can tell me how to make the pic a link I would be most grateful, as I have tried what I know and it didn't work...

Super Bean